The organizers of Lutheran Study Days are Bergen Congregation of DELK (Det Evangelisk Lutherske Kirkesamfunn – The Evangelical Lutheran Church) and the Bjørgvin diocese department of the FBB (For Bibel og Bekjennelse – an independent Norwegian Confessional movement).


Lutheran Study Days is a forum to promote central and life-giving truths of classical Lutheran faith and confession. Facing current confusion, we focus on theological clarity, restoring old knowledge, social gathering, informal relations and last but not least: the life-giving proclamation of law and gospel.

Lutheran Study Days will focus on fundamental truths of faith and on the proclamation of the Word of God in law and gospel. We gather people that belong to different church bodies and organizations. This makes it important to provide opportunity to socialize, so that friendship and network may develop between people being at home in the Lutheran confession, though in different camps.


Bergen Congregation of DELK

DELK (Det Evangelisk Lutherske Kirkesamfunn – The Evangelical Lutheran Church Body) is the oldest Lutheran free church in Norway, with 14 congregations and about 3500 members. The congregation in Bergen was founded in 2002.


FBB (For Bibel og Bekjennelse - For Bible and Confession)

FBB is the oldest confessional movement in Norway, founded in 1919, and is built upon evangelical Lutheran faith. The Bible and the Lutheran confessions are the foundation for our life and ministry. FBB Bjørgvin is the local department of FBB.